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Morning and Evening

For the morning of October 22nd
by Charles H. Spurgeon

"I will love them freely." --Hosea 14:4

This sentence is a body of divinity in miniature. He who understands its meaning is a theologian, and he who can diveinto its fulness is a true master in Israel. It is acondensation of the glorious message of salvation which wasdelivered to us in Christ Jesus our Redeemer. The sense hingesupon the word "freely." This is the glorious, the suitable, thedivine way by which love streams from heaven to earth, aspontaneous love flowing forth to those who neither deserved it,purchased it, nor sought after it. It is, indeed, the only wayin which God can love such as we are. The text is a death-blowto all sorts of fitness: "I will love them freely." Now, ifthere were any fitness necessary in us, then He would not loveus freely, at least, this would be a mitigation and a drawbackto the freeness of it. But it stands, "I will love youfreely."We complain, "Lord, my heart is so hard." "I will loveyou freely." "But I do not feel my need of Christ as I couldwish." "I will not love you because you feel your need; I willlove you freely." "But I do not feel that softening of spiritwhich I could desire." Remember, the softening of spirit is nota condition, for there are no conditions; the covenant of gracehas no conditionality whatever; so that we without any fitnessmay venture upon the promise of God which was made to us inChrist Jesus, when He said, "He that believeth on Him is notcondemned." It is blessed to know that the grace of God is freeto us at all times, without preparation, without fitness,without money, and without price! "I will love them freely."These words invite backsliders to return: indeed, the text wasspecially written for such--"I will heal their backsliding; Iwill love them freely." Backslider! surely the generosity of thepromise will at once break your heart, and you will return, andseek your injured Father's face.

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