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Morning and Evening

For the morning of September 2nd
by Charles H. Spurgeon

"But Simon's wife's mother lay sick of a fever, and anon theytell Him of her." --Mark 1:30

Very interesting is this little peep into the house of the Apostolic Fisherman. We see at once that household joys andcares are no hindrance to the full exercise of ministry, nay,that since they furnish an opportunity for personally witnessingthe Lord's gracious work upon one's own flesh and blood, theymay even instruct the teacher better than any other earthlydiscipline. Papists and other sectaries may decry marriage, buttrue Christianity and household life agree well together.Peter's house was probably a poor fisherman's hut, but the Lordof Glory entered it, lodged in it, and wrought a miracle in it.Should our little book be read this morning in some very humblecottage, let this fact encourage the inmates to seek the companyof King Jesus. God is oftener in little huts than in richpalaces. Jesus is looking round your room now, and is waiting tobe gracious to you. Into Simon's house sickness had entered,fever in a deadly form had prostrated his mother-in-law, and assoon as Jesus came they told Him of the sad affliction, and Hehastened to the patient's bed. Have you any sickness in thehouse this morning? You will find Jesus by far the bestphysician, go to Him at once and tell Him all about the matter.Immediately lay the case before Him. It concerns one of Hispeople, and therefore will not be trivial to Him. Observe, thatat once the Saviour restored the sick woman; none can heal as Hedoes. We may not make sure that the Lord will at once removeall disease from those we love, but we may know that believingprayer for the sick is far more likely to be followed byrestoration than anything else in the world; and where thisavails not, we must meekly bow to His will by whom life anddeath are determined. The tender heart of Jesus waits to hearour griefs, let us pour them into His patient ear.

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